Select Clients: Netflix, Facebook, Global Citizen,, TikTok, Yahoo! News, ZipRecruiter
Select Production Studios: Bien, Buck, Gretel, Logan, LoyalKaspar
Past Employment: Nickelodeon (2016–2018)
Featured Exhibits: Our Bodies, Our Choice, Our Voice (2022)

Hi there! I'm Katrina Soohoo, your friendly neighborhood motion designer and animator.
Do you have a video project that calls for a meticulous eye for detail, as well as the ability to convey big ideas with elegance, humor, or heartfelt emotion? Let's talk—just say "Hoo!"
I started my career twelve years ago with a solid graphic design foundation, then built up my motion graphics chops at Gretel and Nickelodeon for a few years before taking the leap to freelance in 2018. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of teams, including at Global Citizen, Netflix, Bien, Buck, and Logan.
Outside of client work, I like to create graphics for local political campaigns and initiatives. I’m capable as both a designer and an animator, and I’m comfortable with concept and storyboarding phases as well as finessing the final touches of a project.
You can reach me via the form on the Contact tab, or by email at